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BIGA is a global specialist of high-performance digital readout systems (DRO) and linear scales for metalworking machines.

Established in 1998, BiGa has earned a good reputation for providing reliable, accurate and dependable DRO systems for measuring applications, obtains ISO9001-2008 and CE, RoHS certified. We dedicate to providing its customers the highest level of technical support and customer service, meanwhile do our best to supply you the most cost-effective products.

Whatever you are individual hobiests or large international corporations, you will get the best service from us!

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Unique Advantage

OK, think hard and you may know that. So, congratulation again, our unique DROs structure and software, you can only find in our company.
Come to us, we have the slimmest scales in China for mounting on smaller machines, lathe cross-slides or in other applications where the mounting space is restricted, the cross section is only 17*20mm.
TTL square wave, EIA422A, 1 volt peak to peak(1Vpp) and 11UA Sinusoidal signal all is no problem for us.  An 11µA analogue output signal version is also available which is supplied with a 9-pin round connector directly compatible with legacy systems.


How We Help Your Business

One location, one cost, don’t have extra sales divisions and multi layers of management to support, saving cost for you!
A good understanding of metalworking machine tools and their environment is essential to provide you the customers with the right linear scale and digital readout. We have thousands of successful installations and will happily provide reference customers for you to call.
2 Year Warranty, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!
Biga have been manufactured and installed linear scale and digital readout since 1996, has much ability to product design and development.


Quick-response support is here for you, all any of inquires will be answered within 12 hours!