Project Description

ASD4- universal linear scales

ASD4- universal linear scales are laser calibrated and laser engraved providing quality cost
effective linear feedback ideal for Milling, Lathe and other applications. Supplied with scale cover and
machine bracket kit, scales 500mm and under are also supplied with an aluminium mounting spar.

● 20µm Optical grating glass scale
● Guided scanning unit on a 5 ball-bearing carriage
● Lip-seal protection
● Resolutions of 1µm or 5µm
● TTL, Quadrature or 1vpp, 11µA Sinusoidal signal options
● Easy Mounting
● Measuring Lengths 50 mm – 1000 mm
● 60 m/min Max. Traverse velocity
● Reader-head bracket and Aluminium cover included

Resolution: 1µm, 5µm
Output: TTL, EIA422-A Quadrature,1VPP or 11µA Sinusoidal
Grating Pitch: 20 µm
Power Supply: 5 VDC
Accuracy: ± 10 µm
Max. Speed 60 m/min
Repeatability: ± 1 Pulse
Housing: Aluminium
Reference mark: Periodic (Every 50mm)
Storage Temperature: 40 to +55°C
Operating Temperature: 0 to +50°C
Protection Class: IP54
Cable Length: 3m Cable (Armoured)